Collaboration / UnityDelphine D. Crew vs. Thomas R. System  

29.11.2007- 02.02.2008


The artists in this exhibition believe in collaboration and the gathering of collective forces, in the need to work together with other artists, in the inter-conection of disparate social networks. Artists have often worked as part of a team: they form artistic movements, they write manifestos, they even set up cabarets. That is how the Dadaists worked in Zurich during the First World War, and that is how these two creative teams wish to work at a time marked by general resignation towards an individualist socio-economic model.
In the context of contemporary art, still under the influence of minimalism and conceptualism, they wish to revive the richness of baroque -but not its incoherence- , the proliferation of symbols, characters, myths and rituals. They defend freedom of expression in all its fluidity and sincretism, and the liberated gesture that encourages the creation of heretic works.

Two teams are confronted in the artistic ring: Delphine D. Crew versus Thomas R. System. En garde!