25.05 - 03.06.2007


Espace Croisé has created a video programme called IDEAL.LOOP for Espai Ubú in Barcelona during the LOOP festival, in partnership with the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais regional art collection. For nine years, the contemporary art centre Espace Croisé in Roubaix has been showing IDEAL programmes of films they simply like. In these programmes, films of various aesthetics and artists of different generations are not necessarily linked by a common theme.

With this new IDEAL, the notion of staging is present. The programme aims at exclusive and intense moments. An atmosphere of floating, latent violence, diffuse tension, gravity, without any superfluous effects. The music determines the amplification of these tensions under artificial and studied lights. Each film applies its own formal language to the narration. From beginning to end, beyond the truth of unique and unusual moments, they pace the fiction in a short-circuit between present and past, hesitate between grace and pure violence, magic and imminent drama, choreography and threat of battle, distraction and exhibition in abandoned fairgrounds… In these interacting climates, are we are in the presence of mirages?