CapturesMargarita Andreu  

20.09 - 31.11.2007

In the main gallery space, Margarita Andreu has placed thick sheets of opaque polycarbonate from floor to ceiling in front of, and partially covering the main apertures of the windows. These serve as screens for her variously paced videos - visible from both sides, but also filtering the natural sounds, sunlight, shadows and dusk. The videos themselves further dissolve the barriers between the inside and outside and set the entire space in motion with a series of mental and temporal evocations. The images that she shows us, and the uses to which she puts them, might almost be taken for a shorthand rendering of her work of the last ten to fifteen years. These fragmentary ephemera, she calls ‘samples’ (‘muestras’ in Spanish, ‘mostres’ in Catalan) or ‘demonstrations’ of what she wants to display (‘mostrar’ or ‘mostrari’).