02.03- 30.03.2010

ON SALE is a work in progress that pays homage to the ideas Javier Núñez Gasco has not yet been able to bring to fruition, either due to a lack of funding or for other reasons. The artist gives them a final and definitive chance to come to life, by presenting them to the public and exposing them to art criticism.


The project is expressly designed for the commercial art circuit, where the piece is completed when it is purchased or part of a collection: upon buying one of the ideas inscribed on the headstone, the purchaser has the choice of bringing the idea to life, by financing the production of the piece and earning the right for their name, as the generous sponsor, to be inscribed on the headstone. On the other hand, should the purchaser only wish to own the headstone, they sentence the idea, in part, to death, since Núñez Gasco will never be able to take the idea further.