OPTOSONIC TEA BARCELONACurated by Barbara Held  

21.05- 31.05.2009


A presentation of Espai Ubu, curated by Barbara Held


OptoSonic Tea Barcelona, a meeting of performers exploring different forms of live visuals and live sound, is an original concept of Ursula Scherrer and Katherine Liberovskaya, an artists’ curated and produced space for international, inter-media, and intergenerational dialogue between artists who work with the live interaction of image and sound. Normally based in New York City, Scherrer and Liberovskaya take OptoSonic Tea “on the road”, joined by their frequent collaborator Anne Wellmer and sound and media artists based in Barcelona. Invited guest Eugenia Balcells, a pioneer of experimental film making and audiovisual art, will join us for an informal discussion over green tea.