Anna y el Lobo · Drama al 10%Vacca  

15.03 - 04.04.2007


“(…) Anna y el lobo arises from the appropriation of an Absence, via the mystification of the dearest memory in the life of the artist himself. That was. This, however, responds not so much to a revision of a sentimental past but to an activation of the present, where the sounds created for the present work ¯ a music of Time without time, a continuum of unrecognisable melodies that bring forward the melodies of yesterday ¯ punctuate the filming of a father playing with his young daughter. But while Anna and the Wolf appears as a revisiting of the past, 10% Drama, a series of thirty three self-portraits, is an exaltation of the present ¯ of the successive presents ¯ that precedes a future time, an imperfect future, a biological massacre, indeed. The series represents a desire to redefine the nature and qualities of the epic. That is to say: like the present, epic manifestations are of a secular and destitute nature, but they are capable of creating images deprived of ideology (without morality), but susceptible of initiating a new approximation to the pure self-portrait in time through myth and fantasy”.

Luis Francisco Pérez