CUT - OUT Irene Van de Mheen  

23.04- 04.05.2005

Like a child playing with ‘cut-outs’, Irene van de Mheen uses strips of vynil to draw a space built of coloured lines and surfaces running along the windows and floor of the gallery to create a large three-dimensional drawing, or utopian architecture.

But Cut-Out also means ‘to exclude’, ‘to leave out’, and what van de Mheen leaves out on this occasion is precisely the space of the gallery. By using only the windows and floor, the interior space becomes a pure volume whose only support is the work itself. In the words of the artist: ‘At first the viewer encounters an empty space. The gaze literally cuts across the drawing, which is floating like a hallucination, a “castle in the air” that reflects itself and continues on the floor.